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Course Fee

£70/person or contact us for In-house courses


Half day. Most companies prefer to have 2 sessions per day.

1) Construction Health & Safety Awareness

This session will help learners understand how health and safety working practices are incorporated into a construction environment. Learners will demonstrate that they can identify hazards and risks associated with the site environment. Learners will also understand the regulatory processes and procedures that must be followed by all site staff and operatives

3) Delivering Tool Box Talk

The Health and Safety at Work Act requires every employer to communicate effectively with staff. One of the most cost-effective & efficient of keeping staff abreast of H&S is the effective use of Tool-Box Talk. At the end of this session, candidates will be able to implement an effective Tool-Box Talk regime for your organisation.

4) Managing Contractors

Organisation may have the best Safety Management System, but the activities by contractors may become the weakest Link resulting in accidents and litigation. This session will cover the whole remit of screening, selecting and managing contractors.

5) Safety awareness for Property/Facilities managers

Facilities Management) is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK. This course aims to give facilities managers an awareness of the key health, safety and environmental (HSE) activities they are responsible for, along with the resources and knowledge to be able to monitor and contribute towards the successful SHE management for the business.

6) Competency for Safety Reps & Supervisors

The Management Regulation requires employers to appoint ‘one or more competent persons’ to assist in meeting the legal requirements of safety law. This session is designed to attendees an understanding of how to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace, and make them aware of their responsibilities.

8) Office Safety

Candidates will be able to identify common hazards associated with office work. They will then be able to implement and build on a user-friendly Safety Management System.

10) Practical Risk Assessment

Enforcers are warning employers to ensure that they undertake suitable and sufficient assessments of the risks involved in their undertakings. This session provides guidance and tools to help businesses understand what they need to do to assess and control risks in the workplace and comply with health and safety law.

11) Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA)

At the end of this course, candidates will understand there’s ‘risk’ everywhere which they will be skilled to assess and be able to practise DRA to help prevent accidents.

13) Implementing Safety Management System

Those attending this course will have a clear understanding of what good Safety Management System (SMS) looks like and the gaps in their own company SMS including their legal duties. This includes Health and Safety responsibility of everyone within a business, including contractors, visitors and suppliers.

14) H&S Workshop for Senior Managers/Directors

This one-day course aims to highlight the human, economical and financial implications of non-compliance with health and safety legislation. It will consider how boardroom decisions impact, mould and promote a positive safety culture within the workforce.

15) Confined Space

Confined space entries are potentially hazardous and are the cause of many fatal accidents. This session will equip candidates to plan before entering and have an emergency procedure in place.

17) First Aid at Work/ Requalification & Emergency First Aid at Work

Every employer must appoint, as a minimum, a person to take charge of the situation if a serious injury or major illness occurs. This session will enable staff to know how to send for an ambulance, knowledge of basic first-aid, such as artificial respiration and the control of bleeding.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]